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DSC_0077Mission Statement:


We provide a free recycling service to our community with the mission to keep bikes out of the landfill. We train our volunteers on how to restore, repair and reclaim bicycles and bicycle parts. We empower our community members and volunteers through bicycle education of bicycle safety and mechanical skills.


Key City Bike aims to:

¨ Educate community members about cycling and bike mechanics.

¨ Provide a safe and positive workspace for anyone to fix their bicycle.

¨ Reduce environmental impact by up-cycling and recycling donated bicycles and parts.

¨ Expand bike culture.

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2020 Board of Directors:

Brian Gosewisch — Chair
Zach Brooks — Vice Chair
Brady Taylor– Secretary
David Sieberg — Treasurer
Eric Bunde — Member at large
Acacia Wytaske — Member at large
Joe Madson– Member at large
Amanda Anez– Member at large
Jackson Forderer– Member at large

2020 KCB Annual Report

2019 KCB Annual Report

2018 KCB Annual Report

2017 KCB Annual Report

2016 KCB Annual Report

We take in donated bikes, fix up what we can, and recycle the rest. We have tools on hand to help you get your bike road ready.

Key City Bike (KCB) is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. KCB exists today because of  passion and success built on a legacy of community with an investment of knowledge, tools, hard work and donated bikes.

First through the PACT Ministries’ Bikes for All program over 15 years ago, then the ReBike Project Club, and now as a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization, KCB is currently 100% volunteer operated via its members and the local community, depending upon them for every organizational function.