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Earn-A-Bike is a way to exchange volunteer hours for credits that are used at Key City Bike to purchase a refurbished bicycle and/or bicycle parts.  Volunteers may earn credits by scrapping, sorting parts, cleaning, repairing bikes and other supportive activities. If you are interested in earning a bike, please stop down during open hours and enroll with the Lead Volunteer.  Here is a link to the new Earn-a-Bike enrollment form.

1 hour of volunteering time equals 7 credits. 1 credit is equivalent to 1 dollar.  Credits may not be exchanged for money and expire within one year. Hours must be reported at the conclusion of every volunteer shift.

Since all bikes at Key City Bike are donated and repaired by volunteers the available inventory and prices vary.

Mankato Clinic Foundation Earn-a-Bike Graduation Kits

Thanks to a grant from the Mankato Clinic Foundation, people who complete the Earn-a-bike program have the option of receiving an Earn-a-Bike Graduation Kit. The Graduation Kit consists of a new bike helmet, a bike lock, and front & rear bike lights. The kit is awarded upon the completion of attending one of our general bike maintenance classes.  One graduation kit per person. Limited kits available.

Earn-a-Bike Objectives

  • To provide bicycles to people with limited means for transportation, recreation and a healthy lifestyle.
  • To educate community members in bicycle maintenance, repair and safety.
  • To reclaim bicycles from the waste stream and encourage sustainable transportation practices.