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Key City Bike

Recycle. Reclaim. Empower.



Key City Bike is run completely by volunteers. Sweeping, scrapping, hauling, fixing, organizing, taking inventory, teaching, providing customer service; you name it, at Key City Bike it’s done by a volunteer. Want to volunteer with Key City Bike? Talk to us at our shop location, or by phone at 507-304-1936, or email at toddskitchen@keycitybike.org

In the Shop

Know a thing or two about bicycle repair or maintenance, or just want to help around the shop? We are always looking for people that can fix up a used bike for re-sale or donation, supervise an open shop session, manage retail operations during business hours, teach a class, or tidy up the place.

Here is the Shop Use and Tool Waiver and Indemnification form.

In the Community

Got an idea for a collaboration or event and want to get us involved? KCB would like to hear about it and find ways to work with area community members, local businesses and civic organizations; within the legally designated state and federal criteria for non-profit organizations.

Volunteer Manual

For complete details about becoming a volunteer, please review this volunteer manual.